Who says MPs are out of touch, eh? Here’s a graph comparing results from two surveys: the proportion of MPs who think they are trusted by their constituents — versus the proportion of the general public who trust their MP to represent them in parliament: Well at least the mistrust is mutual. Nick Clegg’s so-called ‘Recall […]

The latest edition of the New Statesman lists Political Scrapbook amongst “the online activists who have the coalition on the run“. Alongside 38 Degrees, Change.org and Avazz, the feature highlights our role in the viral campaigns against News Of The World and the government’s Workfare schemes. Chief political commentator Rafael Behr quotes one MP as remarking “you start to shit yourself” […]

With no broken glass or fire extinguishers in sight, it seems even peaceful protest is frowned on these days! Charity campaigners were removed from the car park of an out of town shopping centre, heavies bundled innocent librarians into the street in Shepherds Bush and a law firm asked poverty campaigners to move a table […]