A blue-sky drive by Vince Cable’s department has spectacularly flopped after only four people took part. Redolent of a backseat-of-the-cab scheme from The Thick Of It, the initiative, dubbed “Instagram Your Policy”, joins a long list of failed Whitehall social media initiatives. The original morale-boosting vision was that BIS employees would submit photos of their policies […]

The Cabinet Office have admitted that it has nine Sky boxes installed on its estate, at a cost of over £200 per month — despite  previously denied having any. In response to a request made under the Freedom of Information Act, the Cabinet Office claimed to hold “no information” about Sky boxes. But surely enough, after a review […]

The Cabinet Office and Department for Transport could face fines worth hundreds of thousands of pounds following a warning issued by the Information Commissioner today. The ICO’s warning relates to the use of cookies on the Cabinet Office website, which breaks new EU regulations. The new rules require sites to obtain consent before saving cookies […]

Yesterday saw the release of an updated version of the government’s £1.7 million GOV.UK website for public services, which it is claimed will save the government money. This would all be lovely — if civil servants themselves could use it properly. It seems that a large number of staff in central departments are still using the […]

In what is a contender for the most cringeworthy video ever produced by Whitehall, the Department for Transport has released a video in which cabinet ministers implore Londoners to get up earlier in the morning and avoid using the tube and buses during the Olympics. This unwelcome advice is euphemistically referred to as “remoding”. Scrapbook wonders whether transport […]

Vodafone’s top lawyer in India has quit after being tangled up in a four-year long tax avoidance scandal. The row has seen the Indian government bullied by its biggest foreign corporate investor — but officials are not giving up on extracting $2.6bn from the company. Executive Andre Jerome led Vodafone’s defence against the Indian government, […]

Rupert Murdoch’s written evidence to the Leveson Inquiry reveals that News International planned to launch a Free School with the support of Michael Gove. The documents reveal Murdoch planned to discuss founding the school with Gove after News International’s plans to fund an Academy in East London fell through against a backdrop of protest. Opposition to […]

A government minister shocked a group of business officials last Thursday — when he carried a small dog into a meeting on, erm, a cushion. Energy minister Greg Barker was meeting delegates from power companies when he brought the dog into the session. The pampered pooch is believed to be Barker’s dachshund puppy, Otto. This is not […]

With The Guardian this morning having released a cache of Bashar al-Assad’s personal emails, here at Scrapbook we’ve spent the morning so far enjoying the Syrian dictator’s iTunes purchases, including such statesmanlike tunes as Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO. Given Assad’s gay-bashing tendencies, however, the absolute highlight has to be the presence of Right Said […]