Fox News have unveiled a “breathtakingly ridiculous” new newsroom, full of Star Trek style screens and comically huge tablet computers. In a video posted on their website yesterday, perma-tanned anchor Shepard Smith took viewers on a tour of the ludicrous new facility, a base for the Murdoch owned right-wing network’s new headline news show. It […]

After nearly choking at the despatch box, it didn’t get much better for Osborne, who was then delivered a slapping around from an in form Ed Miliband. Miliband on fire here (not literally). #Budget2013 — Iain Martin (@iainmartin1) March 20, 2013 Miliband making most of negative case. Now personalizing his tax cut for millionaires theme […]

New Jersey governor Chris Christie rose to global prominence in late October and early November after his constant praise for Barack Obama’s handling of Hurricane Sandy led to accusations he was trying to skewer Mitt Romney. Christie fancied a crack at the GOP nomination in four years, his critics argued, which would be almost impossible with […]

This video from Greenpeace shows Conservative MP, and leader of the anti-wind turbine brigade, Chris Heaton-Harris telling an undercover journalist that he hadn’t “seen any half decent research” on the negative effects of turbines on birds. Heaton-Harris goes on to tell Greenpeace two weeks later that, erm, “there are international studies pointing at this“. Perhaps […]

A witch doctor from Obama’s ancestral home of Kogelo village in western Kenya has used his mystic powers to predict that the president will secure a second term. Scrapbook could not confirm rumours that “115 year-old” John Dimo is now working on a full breakdown of the electoral college. Doubtless Donald Trump approves.

Winston McKenzie, standing for UKIP in the upcoming by election for Croydon North, doesn’t seem to have been knocked back by his 2005 rejection from the X-Factor though, as three years later he appears rapping about his electoral appeal. The video dates from McKenzie’s 2008 London Mayoral bid, then standing as an independent. Though initially fluent in […]