A UKIP candidate, who was suspended from the party for his 4,500 word ‘personal manifesto’ suggesting that all abortions should be compulsory for foetus’ with Down’s syndrome, will still be running in Kent’s by-election tomorrow. Clarke’s foam-at-the-mouth rant called disabled babies a “burden on the state”: “Consider compulsory abortion when the foetus is detected as […]

Controversial MEP Godfrey Bloom has altered his declaration of financial interests after Scrapbook exposed a company he had tried to hide from EU officials. The UKIP representative, who is also standing for police commissioner in Humberside, sat on one of Europe’s top finance committees while failing to reveal his shareholding in a financial advice firm. […]

Winston McKenzie, standing for UKIP in the upcoming by election for Croydon North, doesn’t seem to have been knocked back by his 2005 rejection from the X-Factor though, as three years later he appears rapping about his electoral appeal. The video dates from McKenzie’s 2008 London Mayoral bid, then standing as an independent. Though initially fluent in […]

A firm of financial advisers which a British MEP tried to hide from European Parliament officials was fined by regulators for posing an “unacceptable risk” to customers, Political Scrapbook can reveal. TBO Investments is owned by UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom, who has sat on one of Europe’s top finance committees without declaring the potential conflict of interest. A 2008 […]

The communications department of the European Parliament’s Freedom and Democracy grouping was on the phone to Scrapbook this morning, adamant that damaging revelations regarding one of their MEPs were false. Yesterday evening, we revealed that UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom had been a member of the influential Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) since 2009, but had failed to declare […]

A UKIP MEP is sitting on the European Parliament’s top finance committee without declaring a potentially conflicting interest in a secret company, Political Scrapbook can reveal. UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom, a member the influential Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON), has withheld details of his investments advisory firm from EU officials. European Parliament regulations state that: “any financial interest […]

Godfrey Bloom, MEP for the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire region, has tweeted a video of himself captioned “Here I am in Grimsby”. Except he’s not, he’s in Brussels, standing slap bang in the middle of European Parliament.     Bloom, who previously confessed to Scrapbook that he had addressed European Parliament after consuming a cocktail […]

A former UKIP staffer and parliamentary candidate at the last general election claims to be writing a book revealing dodgy goings-on at the core of the party — having branded her defection from the Conservatives “the biggest mistake of my life“. Jasna Badzak defected to UKIP in 2008, along with a swathe of Tories from Westminster, and stood […]