Brazen hypocrisy from UKIP today, as a leaflet has emerged declaring candidates who work as policy advisers and party press officers are ‘not career politicians.’ Prominently featured on the flyer, which proudly claims the party’s candidates in the Eastern Region are not career politicians are policy wonk Tim Aker and spinner Michael Heaver. Aker is head […]

An assistant to Nigel Farage is pictured in the party’s new manifesto posing as a regular voter, without mentioning she’s a paid UKIP staffer. A big picture of Lizzy Vaid features on page five of the party’s new European election manifesto – naming her as “Lizzy Vaid, Devon” – alongside a quote which reads: “I’ll be voting […]

When Nigel Farage unveiled the new UKIP posters in Sheffield today, we knew there were two burning questions to which the public demanded answers. Don’t you think your posters are a wee bit racist? Are you concerned an EU migrant might take David Moyes’ job? You wanted answers, and we got answers. “Well… David Moyes […]

As Nigel Farage prepares to launch his shiny new poster campaign – at an event scheduled to take place outdoors in drizzly Sheffield – we take a look at how the internet has reacted to UKIP’s mildly offensive Euro election posters. 6. Own goal Surely #UKIP has committed an own goal with this poster @UkipBillboards? […]

Tommy Robinson’s statement of resignation from the EDL has fuelled speculation he might be gearing up to run in European or Parliamentary elections. But with his string of criminal convictions and the extremist reputation of the marching mob he founded, the question is will any political party have him? A UKIP spokesperson told Political Scrapbook the mere question of […]

A UKIP MEP has launched a devastating attack on Nigel Farage — just as her party leader ducks out of fighting the Eastleigh by-election. Marta Andreasen, who became an MEP for South East England under the leadership of predecessor Lord Pearson, said the party “has become a dictatorship” under Farage. Minders from UKIP’s hapless press team […]

UKIP have backed the British National Party in their efforts to get their hands on hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayer cash, branding moves to block funding for Nick Griffin’s fascists “dangerous and undemocratic”. In a brazen attempt to access yet more of the European cash on which his party is dependent, Nick Griffin has led […]