Sheffield Council’s Lib Dem leader is switching seats to avoid an embarrassing local election defeat. Lib Dem group leader Shaffaq Mohammed has represented the student friendly Broomhill ward for a decade…but will be moving up the hill to leafy Crookes and Crosspool just in time for the election on May 22nd. He made no public announcement […]

The latest bizarre career move in the increasingly implausible life of Lembit Opik is a foray into Iranian propaganda, cloaked under the veil of a ‘comedy’ news programme. At least Scrapbook think’s it’s supposed to be comedy, it’s hard to tell with Lembit. He’s taken on hosting duties on News At When, which airs on […]

Portsmouth’s Liberal Democrat councillors made a defiant challenge to Nick Clegg’s authority tonight, by voting to let Mike Hancock keep his seat on the city’s cabinet, despite having been suspended by the party for alleged sexual misconduct The astonishing decision, made during a three hour private meeting, comes just hours after a High Court judge […]

Scrapbook exposed the questionable professional credentials of the Tories calamitous by-election hopeful Maria Hutchings last week. The gaffe-prone candidate described herself as a “business woman”, name-dropping blue chip companies like Texaco as “clients” — but had apparently never been a director of a company or held shares in an enterprise for which she worked. Now […]

Nick Clegg’s version of events on the harassment allegations against Lord Rennard is unravelling at an alarming rate. The deputy prime minister had previously claimed that his office were informed of “general concerns” regarding the party’s chief executive in 2008. But with a former Lib Dem MP revealing she told the deputy prime minister about Rennard’s behaviour […]

Top Liberal Democrats linked to the cover-up of alleged sexual harassment by former party chief exec Lord Rennard are to  address a party rally on, erm, International Women’s Day. In an ironic turn of events, the gathering on “meaningful gender equality” will be addressed by Nick Clegg, who despite previous denials was forced to admit he had known about Rennard’s […]