David Cameron was reprimanded by the Speaker during PMQs this afternoon — after calling Ed Balls a “muttering idiot”. “… using our hard-won credibility, which we wouldn’t have if we listened to the muttering idiot sitting opposite me.” Marking the return of his Flashman tendency, opprobrium heaped on Cameron has been greater as Ed Balls suffers […]

John Bercow has effectively skewered Jeremy Hunt’s weak delaying tactics over his BSkyB bid fiasco — in which he has attempted to use the Leveson Inquiry as a ruse to dodge awkward questions from MPs. Harriet Harman raised the following point of order in the Commons moments ago: “it is in order for the Secretary of […]

Miliband’s opponents on both sides of the chamber were hoping that today would be the moment things got very sticky for the Labour leader (see this cartoon from ConHome). But with the SNP failing to snatch Glasgow City Council and and Ken Livingstone’s defeat balanced by a strong showing on the London Assembly, Miliband-aligned Labour sources are […]

The fallout from the CMS Committee’s report into phone hacking continued this morning, with private committee discussion spilling out on to Twitter after Louise Mensch revealed details of MPs deliberations on this morning’s Today Programme. In acrimonious exchanges, it was revealed that Mensch had withdrawn an amendment critical of James Murdoch, while Watson seemed to imply that […]

It appears that Treasury spinners may have told BBC producers that Danny Alexander would not debate with Ed Balls on Newsnight. With his department stewarding the economy back into recession, Alexander did not engage directly with the shadow chancellor late yesterday — despite being one of the most senior figures in the government with an annual salary […]

Despite the usual by-election “expectation management” yesterday, there was no doubt that Labour had expected to win the Bradford West by-election comfortably. Indeed, the ease within Labour ranks was epitomised by editor of What’s Next For Labour and would-be party insider Tom Scholes-Fogg, who last night tweeted: Although Labour candidate Imran Hussain was from the Pakistani […]

[update time=”15:23″ text=”The account was started on 8 May 2008 — four days after Boris became mayor and was renamed to @MayorOfLondon on 7 January 2009.” id=”update1″] Boris Johnson has hijacked the official @MayorOfLondon Twitter account for his election campaign. The account has largely maintained at taxpayers’ expense, with updates provided by his City Hall […]