DCMS secretary Maria Miller is coming under pressure to drop the government’s disastrous attempt to drag blogs into the post-Leveson regulator. After an intense 48 hours of lobbying from bloggers, two peers have now tabled amendments which restrict the meaning of “relevant publisher”. An amendment from Labour peer Wilf Stevenson would exclude non-profits and “small” publishers […]

It’s a big day for the UK blogosphere. With the government tabling botched legislation which drags bloggers and small publishers into a regulation system which was designed for media corporations, 3pm is the deadline for the proposals to be amended or withdrawn. Here is what Tom Watson told LabourList earlier: “It is clear to all […]

A Labour MP’s letter to police sets out details of a user manual for controversial computer software that may have been authored by Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps  — claiming it indicates “intent” to breach criminal statutes covering copyright infringement. Providing material supplementary to his original complaint from five months ago, Selly Oak MP Steve McCabe claims “offences under […]

According to the Mirror, One Direction singer Harry Styles shed light on his political sympathies while partying after the Brit Awards this week. Perhaps there’s a reason why the seemingly omnipresent crooner stood to Cameron’s left outside of Number 10 during filming for the band’s latest videos: “I’m a Labour supporter … I lean to […]

From Boris Johnson to Rick Santorum, we are sadly familiar with politicians comparing gay relationships with bestiality. But Labour’s backbenches are home to what may be a counterposing case — an MP who admitted to a fetish for horses but voted against gay marriage yesterday. When a local newspaper rang 64 year-old MP Ronnie Campbell and asked whether he […]

Unsurprisingly, Cameron’s script for today’s PMQs contained lines on Ed Ball’s anaemic performance in response to the autumn statement: “I’m surprised the shadow chancellor is shouting again. We learnt last week, like bullies all over the world, he can dish it out but he can’t take it” The session seemed to show Balls back to his usual […]