Regular readers will have noticed the drop in posts recent weeks, chief amongst them Guido Fawkes, who is evidently feeling a little lonely without us. Behind the scenes, the Scrapbook team have been working hard on the infrastructure behind the site. This planned and temporary distraction from editorial — along with unplanned days spent lobbying against botched plans […]

Here is the unedited letter to the Guardian from a diverse coalition of UK bloggers who are horrified by the government’s botched plans to regulate the internet and small publishers. The signatories include some, such as Owen Jones and Laurie Penny, whose backing was secured too late for the print edition. Dear Editor, The Leveson Inquiry was […]

Policymakers working on plans for a new media regulator are drafting proposals for blogs to undertake “associate membership” the successor to the Press Complaints Commission, Political Scrapbook understands. Options being considered as an outcome of a process which predates this week’s shock proposals that many blogs should be regulated include: A lower or nominal membership fee for blogs in comparison […]

“Gorgeous” George Galloway went on a bit of an EDM-spree last Thursday, laying down six individual pieces of parliamentary graffiti in a single day. Galloway is a prodigious user of EDMs having been the primary sponsor of 77 of them in just over six months. But one of George’s less popular Early day motions caught Scrapbook’s eye this […]

A company founded by Luke Bozier has been shut down by regulators for failing to submit accounts — after confidently predicting revenues of more than £5,000,000 per year. The news comes as the sometime business partner of Louise Mensch sits on bail pending on suspicion of viewing or possessing indecent images of children. Following in the […]

A blue-sky drive by Vince Cable’s department has spectacularly flopped after only four people took part. Redolent of a backseat-of-the-cab scheme from The Thick Of It, the initiative, dubbed “Instagram Your Policy”, joins a long list of failed Whitehall social media initiatives. The original morale-boosting vision was that BIS employees would submit photos of their policies […]

Section mysteriously vanishes from letter to Prescott  Original letter contained slap-down for DCLG Top adviser confirms it was edited without permission Government attempts to explain why a sensitive letter from the UK’s most senior civil servant was altered without his knowledge had Guido Fawkes spinning for their mates over at DCLG earlier today. After a letter […]

After Political Scrapbook highlighted bizarre behaviour on his account, government minister Grant Shapps has denied using automated software to boost his following on Twitter, effectively claiming he follows and unfollows thousands of people each week — entirely by hand. Shapps told his local paper: “No-one else has access to my Twitter account … and the decisions as to […]

Bloggers mixed with journalists, MPs and even diplomats at Political Scrapbook’s summer drinks last night. While various lefty plots were hatched, the toast of the evening was the first creation in our new line of political T-shirts, printed on heavyweight cotton by workers co-operative Sabcat. Ably modelled by best mates Owen Jones, Sunny Hundal and Harry […]