Sheffield Council’s Lib Dem leader is switching seats to avoid an embarrassing local election defeat. Lib Dem group leader Shaffaq Mohammed has represented the student friendly Broomhill ward for a decade…but will be moving up the hill to leafy Crookes and Crosspool just in time for the election on May 22nd. He made no public announcement […]

A Tory councillor made sick jokes about domestic violence, complained about lesbians, the disabled and black people getting an easy ride, and labelled benefit claimants “scum” on Facebook, Political Scrapbook can reveal. The posts, made by Cllr Tom Davey of Tory-run Barnet Council, were revealed just days after he was caught advocating ‘social cleansing’ in […]

A Tory councillor and former mayor of Cheltenham has been slammed for making a “repulsive” rape comment during a public meeting. Barbara Driver compared housing developers ability to tell a council how many affordable homes it is willing to build on a specific site to rape. She said: “There is a saying and I am going […]

The enmity amongst Boris Johnson’s top transport advisers will be palpable on Victoria Embankment this morning, where Boris Johnson is PR-ing his “cycling vision” for London. His media lackey and “cycling commissioner” Andrew Gilligan will be in attendance, alongside Transport for London commissioner Peter Hendy (far left above) — a man apparently described by Gilligan as a: “long-serving […]

A councillor who claimed that disabled children “should be put down” because they “cost the council too much” has finally resigned after coming under intense pressure from colleagues and officials. Collin Brewer had refused to step down from Cornwall County Council, offering the excuse that he “was probably a little bit het up” when he ranted at […]

Conservative councillors in Brighton are up in arms after someone left a poo on the floor of their City Hall office. According to the Brighton Argus: “The excrement was found on the floor of the unlocked second floor office on Thursday and reported immediately … Only people with a swipe card or official visitors who have to sign […]

A councillor in Cornwall has refused to resign after saying that disabled children should be “put down”. At an official event designed to network council members with equalities organisations, Colin Brewer approached a stall operated by a disabled charity and told them: “Disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down.” Details […]

A Tory councillor has been expelled from his dominoes league … after bragging about cheating on local radio. Former mayor Norman Bull told BBC Radio Derby about the dodgy tactics he used in a cup match, saying: “There are many ways of cheating” But opponents from Holbrook and District Darts and Dominoes League were listening in […]