As a backdrop to US car company Ford closing their plants in Dagenham and Southampton — with the lost of 1,400 jobs — George Osborne okayed a EU loan to help them move production to Turkey, the New Statesman’s Rowenna Davis pointed out earlier today. The decision to close the two UK plants caused outrage when it was […]

A Conservative member of the European Parliament has claimed that child poverty is self-inflicted. Despite the majority of poor children living in households where at least one adult works, Giles Chichester MEP claimed mismanagement of benefit payments by parents was a “significant or major cause of the problem.” The south west MEP dismissed a thoughtful message (read here) […]

Neo-Nazis in Greece have celebrated their electoral success by partying like it’s 1939 — with jacketed heavies ordering journalists to stand and “show some respect” before a Hitler-style speech by leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos. Guard: All rise! All rise! Show your respect! Journalists: We just came in to record. Guard: Whoever doesn’t want this, go out. Journalists: What’s […]

While the rest of Europe recoils in horror, at least one person will be pleased by the record performance of the far right National Front in French presidential election  — and they’re a columnist for the Daily Mail. Seduced, supposedly, by Marine Le Pen’s Euroscepticism, Richard Waghorne penned a puff piece in January in which the strident racism and […]

Partying like it’s 1988, Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko retains Soviet-era controls on the economy and media, not to mention opposition groups. As Germany withdrew its ambassador from Minsk last week, calling the regime “the last dicatorship in Europe”, Lukashenko hit back with a homophobic barb at German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle, remarking: “I’d rather be a dictator than […]

A European Commissioner has faced accusations of sexism after a sauna-based briefing for nude journalists. The secret naked gathering was cut short when the Finnish vice-president of the European Commission objected to women being allowed in. Olli Rehn treated the journalists to a communal shower and two sauna sessions, before storming out when news of […]

A controversial Russian election campaign advert compares voting for Vladimir Putin to losing your virginity. While the clip perhaps showcases a gentler side to Russian politics than often violent campaign intimidation, this disturbing video is a masterclass in creepiness. With a young girl informing a fortune teller that it will be her “first time”, a tarot card with […]