A UKIP candidate, who was suspended from the party for his 4,500 word ‘personal manifesto’ suggesting that all abortions should be compulsory for foetus’ with Down’s syndrome, will still be running in Kent’s by-election tomorrow. Clarke’s foam-at-the-mouth rant called disabled babies a “burden on the state”: “Consider compulsory abortion when the foetus is detected as […]

Despite odd’s on Respect being slashed yesterday, there’s one major reason why George Galloway’s party doesn’t stand a chance in tomorrow’s Rotherham by-election — and it isn’t because their campaign office was still locked at 9:30 this morning (above). Some have correctly observed that George Galloway’s coup in Bradford marked “the beginning of the end of Labour’s […]

After jetting off to New York and leaving Cameron with an embarrassing by-election disaster, former Corby MP Louise Mensch has been trying to rewrite history on her quixotic Westminster ambitions, telling Newsnight on Friday: “Contrary to massive public rumour, I have never wanted to be a minister” In an interview to accompany a glossy photo shoot for the February edition […]

It seems that Spelthorne Borough Council are not the only Conservative local authority who see no problem with giving public platforms to their own candidates — the London Borough of Croydon apparently has given Iain Duncan Smith a platform to promote the Tory by-election candidate. A local news and politics blog reports that IDS was […]

Having secured a meagre 35,319 votes out of a total electorate of 520,000, the UK’s first elected police and Crime commissioner, Wiltshire Tory Angus Macpherson, told the Today Programme: “It’s not so much a mandate as a large job interview. You have to give him marks for creativity.

The Electoral Reform Society’s estimation of an 18.5% turnout at today’s Police Commissioner elections is starting to seem rather optimistic, as one polling station has a current turnout of only 1.08%. The Oasis Academy Mayfair polling station, in the Sholing ward of Southampton, was reported as having had only 18 votes cast as of 4:24pm […]

The Electoral Reform Society has lambasted the government’s handling of the Police & Crime Commissioner elections as a “comedy of errors“, predicting a record low turnout of 18.5%. The ERS said: “This election has been a comedy of errors from start to finish. Polling stations are standing empty because voters knew next to nothing about the […]

With Labour’s controversial selection process for Rotherham culminating in a walk-out by local party members last night, questions have been asked as to why the leading local candidate was excluded from the shortlist after Labour sources claimed they needed “a clean break from the past”. Having a literally glittering record for his ten years on […]

In the aftermath of the US presidential election, polling guru Nate Silver has been enjoying widespread plaudits having called the outcome in each of the fifty states correctly. However, it’s worth remembering that with the 2010 General Election in the UK, Silver didn’t do quite so well. In the run up to election day, Silver […]