The Home Affairs Committee has slammed plans to privatise the police, saying “You don’t know what you’re doing.” A new report on Home Office procurement practices lays into two forces who plan to rush through contracts worth £1.5bn — before democratically elected police commissioners are introduced: “The committee is not convinced that Surrey and West Midlands […]

French company Atos, which has a £108m per year contract with the government, has failed to remove grossly misleading claims from its website — despite being ordered to do so by the Advertising Standards Authority. The controversial outsourcing giant, which carries out benefits health assessments for the DWP, features impressive figures on its website which […]

The government aren’t happy to hear that the number of Freedom of Information requests is increasing year on year; so much so that they’re planning to introduce a range of tariffs to restrict Freedom of Information requests. But at least there’s someone to blame: Eric Pickles. The government’s “transparency agenda” is leading to the rise in […]

A confidential risk register prepared by the Department of Health reveals civil servants’ grave concerns about Andrew Lansley’s sweeping reorganisation of the NHS. The register emerged late last night after a leak to health writer Roy Lilley (PDF version). Set out as a colour coded chart, the document is covered in red (not a good sign). The following items […]