A former executive at a leading anti-payday loan campaign group has made a surprising career move…by taking a high profile PR job at Wonga. In a startling display of gamekeeper turning poacher, Delroy Corinaldi, who was director of external affairs at StepChange until last year, has joined Wonga as head of public affairs. StepChange, previously […]

Today, Boris Johnson, leapt to the defense of the bankers at the annual conference of the business lobbying organisation, CBI. Along with the rest of the political elite, Boris cropped up at the conference to do a bit of subtle soft-soaping. But in what can only be described as an obvious attempt to cosy up to […]

The Conservative Party hasn’t been left wanting for people going off message recently, and with elections looming tomorrow it’s unlikely CCHQ will thank one of their Essex MPs heaping praise on the richest in society as maligned martyrs to the national interest. Brooks Newmark, a former whip and Treasury minister, told business news site London Loves […]

Banks may be hiking up their salaries to absorb their cut to bonuses, says a major economics research group. The bonus season is about to begin and banks are already dreaming up schemes to ensure they’re still raking in the same amount of cash. Bonuses are to be slashed by 86% compared to their £11.4bn […]

A banker singled out by David Cameron for praise in his party conference speech has claimed that criticism of bankers is comparable to child abuse. made the bizarre and shocking comparison between the treatment of bankers after the financial crash, and abuse of a child or pet. Alastair Lukies told LondonLovesBusiness.com: “…It’s like having a pet or […]

Confirming that “several” UK banks were involved in fixing the LIBOR inter-bank lending rate on Channel 4 News earlier, Bank of England governor Mervyn King was at his emollient best when asked about his role in the sacking of Barclays’ Bob Diamond. Apparently, his board-level intervention — insisting that sacking chairman Marcus Agius wasn’t enough […]

A Harrow bank manager has proved finance industry fraud extends well beyond the Square Mile. Kulvinder Dhindsa, who manages the Stanmore branch of LloydsTSB was fined £1,000, yesterday, for using a fake disabled badge to park outside the bank. Dhindsa admitted to buying the blue badge for £150 from a petrol station in Slough, so […]