Unite staffer Shelly Asquith writes for LabourList today on the union’s programme in schools, which sees reps – under the supervision of teachers – attending Citizenship Education classes to discuss activism and the labour movement with students.

Tweeting a link, Asquith’s boss Red Len couldn’t resist having a pop at the Daily Mail for its previous coverage of the initiative:

With their apparent objection to the widespread practice of external parties contributing to citizenship classes, Scrapbook hopes no one tells Mail editors of the activities of … errr … their own columnist, James Delingpole.

Delingpole was joined recently on his eponymous podcast for Breitbart News by fellow libertarian crackpot Brendan O’Neill – where they describe their two-day “mission to red pill the youth” at an elite boarding school in Oxfordshire.

Acting as “provocateurs in residence”, the pair attended classes and meetings with students, stirring up debate on their pet topics: Brexit, free speech, sexual consent and climate change (denial).

Delingpole says:

“I wish more schools would do this, public schools and state schools, because the kids need to be exposed to these dangerous ideas of ours”

O’Neill chimes in:

“We’ve been saying things you might not get away with in many schools. The fact that this school is open to those kinds of discussions and trusts the students enough to have that kind of discussion speaks well of [the school]”

Expose school children to political ideas … except left-wing ones, in which case it MUST BE STOPPED.

  1. james ‘pictures of dogs having sex’ delingpole.

    …Coming soon to YOUR child’s classroom?

  2. I’m fascinated by Delingpole’s fixation with beastiality……..

    Tory types are curiously weird.

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