A report by Oxford University academics has revealed that closures of Sure Start children’s centres are actually DOUBLE the number recorded in ‘official’ government statistics – meaning up to 1,000 could have closed in the last eight years.

Despite the existence of a national database, the government isn’t bothering to record all closures. How very convenient! The report, commissioned by social mobility charity the Sutton Trust, states:

“The national database recorded a 14% drop in centre numbers between 2009 and October 2017. However, there is no clear definition of a ‘children’s centre’ and therefore many closures announced locally were not yet reflected in the database”

No prizes for guessing why:

“Financial pressures came top in 84% of local authorities as a principal driver of change in recent years.”

Meanwhile 160,000 children are set to see their free school meals cut.

Welcome to Tory Britain, kids!

  1. David anslow says:

    The despicable way the Tories treat our children one would wonder how anyone same or with conscience could vote for them. The Tory supporters know full well what type of leadership controls their party, yet they follow their every move with satisfaction and complacency even when they must know they have been lied to and know the disstress and suffering their actions cause to others. They follow them blindly, hoping with relief, that they do not turn their wickedness upon them.
    Have we seen the emergence of the growth of such types before?
    Yes, we saw huge numbers of German people AND OTHERS, when Hetler came to power even when they must have known how his hatred and evilmwere being used to murder millions of unarmed and inocent people and their children.

    We watch in horror at an out of control ideology hell bent on persecuting those who are worse off and vulnerable, even the inocent children.
    Shame on all Tory voters, you have no excuse!

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