While there has been much (justified) rejoicing at the British National Party losing its final district councillor, the far-right group formerly led by Nick Griffin had been overtaken by other far-right groups long ago.

But thankfully, they’re not the only racist turds having a tough time. Let’s spare a thought for the delightful chaps at Britain First it’s not been a good few months:

  • 18 December: Britain first leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen banned from Twitter
  • 7 March: Paul Golding sentenced to 18 weeks in prison for anti-Muslim hate crime
  • 7 March: Jayda Fransen sentenced to 36 weeks at the same trial
  • 14 March: Facebook bans the two-million-follower Britain First Facebook page, cutting off their main means of communication
  • Jayda Fransen referred to the government’s Prevent anti-extremism programme

And it doesn’t end there. Lovely Paul and Jayda are being sued for libel over a YouTube video allegedly claiming that sales of halal meat fund Islamic terrorism.

The action by the Halal Food Authority — a nonprofit body involved in food certification — could land the pair personally on the hook for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Britain First are telling supporters that Fransen could lose her home.

  1. Hmmm….

    If fransen does lose her home, does she then become ‘intentionally homeless’ and therefore unable to claim housing?

    Wonder what she & the other gobshite’ll will think of far-right policies if that happens?

  2. She seems to have bought a new place in Ireland. Don’t get too used to it, Jayda, I’ve a feeling you’ll be back in the big house before too long.

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