UKIP in Wales leader Neil Hamilton has been embarrassing himself more than usual, defending Enoch Powell’s so-called rivers of blood speech as “proved right by events”.

The BBC reports:

When it was put to him that Powell accepted he was a racist, Mr Hamilton suggested that it was “racism in the sense of appreciating differences in cultures, and differences between nations, not that one race or nation is inferior to another by definition”

“He wasn’t a racist in the crude sense”, Mr Hamilton added.

So ‘good racism’ not bad racism, then?

At least he likes his envelopes brown.

  1. Presumably then, Neil Hamilton himself has also expored the fringes of racism? Why, he’s doing it now.

  2. Yes Paul Evans, there was DEFINITELY a civil war within fifteen years, like Enoch Powell predicted. Do you remember it well then?

  3. Except, Neil Hamilton never called him a “good racist”, the article is a complete farce. Read what Hamilton said, instead of the bs that the article is peddling. The title of the article could be from the Daily Mail. It’s just completely dishonest, Hamilton never said that.

  4. Powell’s speech attempted a distinction – ‘racialism’ – as if it were a neutral, fairer word than racism. But the differences he perceived – not least skin colour – are arbitrary and meaningless. They are the self-serving dogma of imperialism: might is right, the conquered deserve their inferior status and subservience, they are lesser or even worthless people (collectively & individually). But in every implementation of the enforced separation of communities by a ruling group leads inexorably to discrimination. Indeed, under apartheid, whether in South Africa, the Warsaw ghetto or Ghaza, it is intended to oppress, exploit and dehumanise. All lead to one group of humans seeing another as ‘untermensch’ – inhuman, vermin. Racialism, in recent history at least, is the justification for racism, whether or not the proponent affirms it. Powell and Hamilton and May mislead by talking about numbers, to hide the evil assumption that some people are born innately ‘purer’ than others.

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