With an FBI raid on Donald Trump’s lawyer heating up the Justice Department Russia probe, news also breaks that US investigators are looking into a $150,000 donation from a Ukrainian oligarch.

Funds from Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk were transferred to the Trump Foundation following a speech to a 2015 conference in Kiev, with payment solicited by Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen — whose offices were raided by the FBI yesterday.

Pinchuk has made a fortune selling steel pipe to the state-owned Russian energy giant Gazprom.

Awkwardly enough, Trump isn’t the only Western politician with possible financial links to Pinchuk, with none other than David Cameron giving a similar speech at the invitation of the billionaire in March last year.

While his office have refused to confirm what fee may have been paid, Call-Me-Dave is reportedly charging up to £120,000 for one-hour speeches on Brexit, which looks to be a major focus of his address in the Ukrainian capital Kiev:

Just as well that Russians had nothing to do with Brexit … errr ….

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