Following the Tories’ council by-election disaster this morning, a new YouGov poll today has Labour two points ahead of the Tories if a general election were called tomorrow.

Tories must feel dis-Mayed that the tables are turning…

  1. I think YouGov need to try a different field of work because they are plainly crap at this opinion poll business. Labour are way ahead of the tories. The tories are washed up, with no ideas and a rag bag of a government. The only people who are going to vote tory are ex UKIP.

  2. That is one fugly hag. How ANYBODY finds it in any way appealing or voteworthy is beyond comprehension. It even walks crooked ffs.

    Yougov are talking through their arses once again; but that’s to be expected when you were founded by nadim zahawi, who thought it was ok to claim £5k for heating his stables.

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