Union leaders have expressed shock at Momentum co-founder Christine Shawcroft’s call for breaking links between trade unions and the Labour Party.

GMB General Secretary Tim Roache was taken aback:

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis was also astounded:

Momentum have since distanced themselves from Shawcroft’s comments:

Update: Len McCluskey has now also weighed in:

  1. She shouldn’t withdraw anything. You should discuss the issue she has raised and stop silencing debate.

  2. Jonathan Maytham says:

    Looks like Momentum will need a new name soon since it seems to be owned and in the hands of two Closet Blairite Right Wingers. .
    I can’t see the activists supporting candidates who support this. But some will be confused and some disheartened so it will successfully damages Labour’s Electoral chances name hence is an aid to the Tories and their Uber-Rich sponsors.
    At least she’s in the open now.

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