With UKIP and its MEP Jane Collins on the wrong end of a libel action by three Labour MPs, speculation is rife that the resulting legal bill will push the party into bankruptcy.

After accusing opponents of ignoring sexual abuse in Rotherham, Collins is on the hook for £600,000 in costs and damages, while her party faces a £175,000 bill for – in the words of Mr Justice Warby – a “deliberate, informed and calculated decision, for reasons of party political advantage, to ensure that the case was not settled before the general election”.

So how did Jane Collins come to join UKIP in the first place? Her official party bio explains:

“In 1995 Jane met Katie Bloom; which resulted in a 9-year partnership as leading Equine Physiotherapists, rehabilitating racehorses, show jumpers and dressage horses that were competing at home and International level … During this time, Jane met Godfrey Bloom and was introduced to UKIP.”

That’s right. She was introduced to UKIP by journalist-whacking Godfrey Bloom of ‘women are sluts’ and ‘bongo bongo land’ infamy.

So despite quitting UKIP in October 2014, he may yet have had a hand in finally bringing down the party.

It will only have taken him 23 years.

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  1. However bad UKIP are, the mainstream are only slightly better, UKIP seem to have taken the Tory dregs and misfits and…ummm..made them worse. Like a bag of cats they are ultimately destroying themselves. Politicians telling lies about other politicians is completely acceptable – under the right circumstances. For example, Alastair Carmichael knowingly lied about what Nicola Sturgeon said (he alleged, through others, that she had said she would rather see David Cameron as PM – in Scotland this would be like an American President spitting on the flag, it’s THAT bad) to gain advantage in the election. He was taken to court in a private action for breaking election rules, he admitted under oath that he had lied, abused his office to do so and yet was acquitted. Not in the same league as the UKIP accusation, but remember, politicians are EXPECTED and ALLOWED to lie in election manifestos KNOWINGLY. It’s NOT an offence and neither was Carmichael held responsible by the Standards Ctte

  2. “However bad UKIP are, the mainstream are only slightly better”

    Indeed – I think Godfrey Bloom might actually be *less* insane than Boris!

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