Tory immigration minister Caroline Nokes confirmed Labour MPs fears today, that the official Home Office policy guidance dictates protests by immigration detainees may well lead to their deportations being accelerated; not only that, but it’s been in effect since November.

The guidance, as recently sent to Yarl’s Wood protesters, can be found on the Home Office website, and states that immigration officers must inform hunger strikers that their protest “is, in fact, likely to lead to the detainee’s case and/or removal being expedited”:

Punitive deportation against refugees: despicable

  1. Chris Kitcher says:

    Absolute bastards. How low can these Tories sink and sadly how insensitive can the UK public be and for how long. UK public absolute bastards together with their rotten Tory government.

  2. I don’t think is good to lock people in detention especially people with good character and who have been here for so long, my opinion is ,they should be given work permit , when their cases waiting to be process, so that they can contribute to economy and NHS instead of tax payers meeting their bills.I think it makes sense.

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