A true blue Tory councillor and parliamentary candidate has been caught red handed skipping his council duties to watch Question Time.

West Lancashire Borough councillor Sam Currie was due to be at a meeting of the authority’s ‘corporate and environmental overview and scrutiny committee’ last night.

Currie sent his apologies to the committee, which discussed important local issues like crime, public services and the Labour administration’s plan to mitigate Tory austerity.

His fellow committee members no doubt presumed that there was a good reason for his absence.

But the rising star of the local Tories, who was was pictured campaigning alongside Theresa May when he stood unsuccessfully at the general election, has been caught out.

‘Soundbite Sam’, as he has become known locally, was spotted by in the audience of last night’s edition of Question Time by one eagle-eyed viewer.

After trying and failing to get Dimbleby’s attention, this Tory TV star wannabe might reflect that his time would have been better spent asking questions that mattered to residents of the ward he represents.

We suspect they might now have a few questions for him…

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  1. Oh dear! He did not catch Dimbleby’s eye! ‘Soundbite Sam’ thinks maybe he should have attended to the questions posed by members of his own ward! What do they think of that?

  2. H.T. Vermin-Hunter says:

    Surely its good manners to explain why you cannot make important meetings
    Either with the chairperson and especially his fellow party members.
    I would be livid if I was one of his constituents
    Lying to get out meetings just isn’t on

  3. JBigglesworth says:

    For a long time now, being in the BBCQT audience seems to be a regular duty for Tory and Kipper activists.

    And can someone please explain why Nigel Farage, who is nothing more than a local radio presenter these days, is still appearing?

  4. At the start of the event, which I attended, David Dimbleby referred to the public outcry re Farage’s number of appearances. He stated clearly that Farage has NOT appeared on QT in the last 12 months. Is this not true? I’d be keen to know. . .

  5. Mr M THompson says:

    With regard to Mr Currie lying to why he was absent from his duties, this is what the Tories do from
    Top to bottom so why are we suprised ? Now if some kind of cash insentive or self interest item was on the agenda, I’m sure he would have been present, for as we see by watching Westminster on the TV, the lobby is always packed when these extra rewards are being raised.

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