Theresa May has been dealt an embarrassing blow by…Theresa May.

The PM insisted at PMQs yesterday that her plan to pull out of the customs union and single market would not lead to a hard border in Ireland.

But the Open Britain group has unearthed an interview she did with the BBC as Home Secretary which reveals what she really thinks.

Speaking two days before the EU referendum, May warned a hard Brexit WOULD mean the reintroduction of border controls:

The evidence of the warning comes just a day before the PM delivers a major speech on Brexit.

She will no doubt repeat reassurances that the Government can have its cake and eat it.

But we now know that not even she believes her own spin…

MORE: Liam Fox advocated the very solution to post-Brexit trade that he now says would be a “sell out”

  1. Craig Sheppard says:

    This woman needs to take a long walk on the yellow brick road and get herself a brain as she is utterly usless .

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