Bizarre PR images of the Saudi Crown Prince’s advertising campaign for his London visit now litter Twitter, as do human rights’ organisations’ condemnation of the Saudi regime. Confronted by the reams of evidence on Saudi human rights’ abuses, what do the Tories have to say about it?

Well, unsurprisingly, they have been falling over themselves in adulation of Saudi Crown Prince Prince Mohammad bin Salman. The Sun thought it would lecture us all, claiming human rights were a silly “leftie” issue…

It is ironic then that Sun in September 2015 used the Human Rights Act to defend themselves in court.

George Osborne gave the “liberalising revolutionary” a generous thumbs up in his rag today:

Indeed, the Prince is so liberalising that Reprieve have had to form a petition against the execution of child protestors:

18 young people could be beheaded at any time for the ‘crime’ of protesting against the Saudi government. Some were sentenced to death for attending protests when they were children. 

Labour MPs have towed quite a different line:

Subverting British democracy? The Saudis and Tories should get on like a house on fire!

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