Spinning out of control: UUK begs for delays, then taunts strikers for slow progress

Is there a press office more incompetent than the Universities UK Press Office?

Yesterday’s talks with the University and College Union ended unsuccessfully, when UUK asked that talks be delayed until Wednesday in order for them “to cost the UCU’s proposals,” proposals that they have had for a week now. Understandably, many strikers were frustrated:

Within hours though, UUK had made a press release stating they were ready and eager to return to negotiations asap:

Blind-sided by UUK’s contradictory reports, no one could work out whether negotiations would continue or not.

This isn’t the first time UUK has told strikers one thing, and reporters another. Only last week, Scrapbook reported Universities UK’s underhand press releases.

Their Twitter team seemed more like the thug waiting behind the bicycle shed than a national advocacy organisation in the middle of a pension dispute:

Universities UK (UUK), led by £363,000-a-year Janet Beer (pictured above), is trying to force through pension cuts which would see a typical lecturer almost £10,000-a-year worse off in retirement.

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