With the ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in a critical condition, after being found poisoned on a Salisbury park bench, you would have thought it wasn’t the best time for jokes.

That didn’t stop the banter brigade over at the Russian Embassy from posting this delightful tweet:


Litvinenko LOL, Gareth Williams ROFL, Putin threatening traitors will choke on their betray on state broadcast, BANTS!

Hang on guys though: the Russian Embassy aren’t the only ones unconvinced of Russia’s involvement. Indeed, UKIP High Wycombe leapt to the Embassy’s defence:

Ah yes, the EU: notorious for their use of nerve agents against Russian double agents.

  1. Happened about 7 miles from where we keep our own nerve agents for ‘research’ Which means it was a VERY handy coincidence, wasn’t it? Allegedly he was in touch with Russian Security at the Embassy, seems a VERY dangerous thing to do, doesn’t it? Why would they give him the time of day? MI6 etc couldn’t have been very happy about THAT. Who knows, there isn’t a country in the world that doesn’t do this. Either it was the Russians and sanctioned, the Russians and NOT sanctioned, the British and sanctioned, the British and not sanctioned or almost anyone you can think of to try and cause trouble between UK and Russia…

  2. The midnight deadline is fast approaching . . . . . Theresa May is preparing for her robust response . . . . . she has all the information researched on how to unfriend someone on Facebook . . . . her finger hovers over the mouse

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