A new report from the government’s official auditors has left transport secretary Chris Grayling exposed over fibs to parliament.

Scrapping promised rail electrification plans — in a statement sneaked out on the last day before summer recess — Grayling told parliament last year that new tech meant the vital upgrades were no longer necessary:

“New bi-mode train technology offers seamless transfer from diesel power to electric that is undetectable to passengers … This means that we no longer need to electrify every line to achieve the same significant improvements to journeys”

But the National Audit Office begs to differ — revealing the real reason for the cancellation in a report released today:

“The Department decided to cancel projects in 2017 because Network Rail’s 2014–2019 investment portfolio was no longer affordable.”

The report witheringly sets up Grayling’s statement before knocking it down in the next paragraph.


  1. Appalling! Where is TRUTH and HONESTY in this Minister and in Our Government these days?

    No wonder, so many no longer trust any of them or anything they say!

    Dissembling has become THEIR norm.

  2. Chris Grayling also stated to the select committee that he would anticipate a 20minute reduction in the journey time between Sheffield and St.Pancras with the bi-modes and planned line speed improvements, with only a further minute gained by completion of full electrification, The current time is 2 hours plus 1 to 4 minutes on the hourly fast services plus a further 10 mins on the semi-fast in between!
    Who needs HS2????? This prediction justifies further scrutiny!!!

  3. Idwal Clements says:

    If it was not down to the media and TV political people this lot would have been out some time back !! They never answer the questions and always try to pull the wool over people ?? I don’t trust them and many other people don’t believe them anymore

  4. Ray Husband says:

    Everything this this truly dishonest man touches crumbles. Just look at the NHS, Hunt just carried on where Grayling left off.!!!

  5. The word “fib” implies that he is a child. He is not and it’s an outright lies, as we’re his facts over the probation service. He is a dangerous, stupid narcisst with psychopathic tendancies and the public allowed him into power.

  6. Michael Morley . says:

    What more is there to add ? I would just say that all comments are accurate and Sian Waters especially hits the proverbial nail on the head . Like so many other Tories Grayling is dangerous and their collective words and actions only go to prove how accurately they were described by Nye Bevan way back in 1948 . They are indeed “lower than vermin”

  7. They keep it all under wraps when they know it’s not going to happen. Why does it never get properly reported researched and properly costed out before they make grand plans that would benefit the travelling public.

  8. A politician lied??? I am TRULY shocked. Not since the last politician opened his/her mouth has there EVER been a case of a politician lying to/in/from Parliament/the people/News reporters/Auditors/Anyone else I can’t think of…

  9. Anthony Tully says:

    What so startling about a government minister lying they all do it ,it is ok because thr BBC will cover up and just tell us how bad Corbyn will be for the country

  10. Our railways must be taken into public ownership, as they are in many other civilised countries.

  11. Gabriel Pepper says:

    Unctious nebbish Grayling is blessed with the reverse Midas – everything he touches turns to shit

  12. just me again says:

    America complains “Those terrible Russians interfered in our election ,boo hoo” How many elections has America NOT interfered with around the world, and felt perfectly entitled to do so?.

  13. Isnt it time to get America off our backs?The thinking In Britain today seems to be if we keep kissing Americas arse we,ll be safe and looked after..What sort of people are we become,Not much to be proud of. When are we going to get rid of that woman who portrays the absolute wrong image of a country that use to be GREAT BRITAIN what a laugh that is now

  14. Of all the countries that fought in ww2,friend or foe,who now thinks we were on the winning side.Some countries did well out of the war and ,and some finished very wealthy indeed, but great Britain was not one of them,I often wonder where all the Nazi stolen treasures went,I don,t suppose we,ll ever know

  15. One good thing came out of the brexit referendum,At least it pointed out the M.Ps who took there seat without asking for another round of elections, just to be sure if voters really meant for him or her to be their M.P.They believed in democracy then,but evidently kicked these ideas into touch once they were safely aboard the gravy train 1st class all the way.And as negotiators-WHAT A BAG OF RUBISH

  16. The Tories ,at the last election,promised that they could be trusted to RUN the NHS,What they really meaht to say was we’ll run your beloved N.h.s INTO THE GROUND Which is exactly what they are doing.

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