Nigel Farage dumped a load of dead fish into the Thames this afternoon in protest against the government’s Brexit transition deal, which will affect fishing quotas.

But the stunt may have backfired…

Someone’s responded by reporting the ex-UKIP leader to Westminster City Council for fly-tipping, a crime which carries an unlimited fine or even a prison sentence.

Bobby Rae, an SNP staffer, claims to have used an online form on the local authority’s website to report Farage for “dumping dead fish into the river next to parliament”. He tweeted:

“Just reported @Nigel_Farage to @CityWestminster for #flytipping”

Rae accompanied the tweet with these images:

Dumping an ‘animal carcass’ is included in anti-fly-tipping laws:

According to the Westminster City Council:

“Fly-tipping is a serious criminal offence which carries an unlimited fine. Offenders can be sent to prison.”

So Farage could potentially end up behind bars for the stunt…


And given the act was so well documented by TV crews and photographers, you’d think the evidence against him would be compelling.

Here’s to hoping…

  1. Bwahahaha! Yup, ALL the evidence is there, filmed, identified and even ADMITTED in front of witnesses.

    Think they’ll do anything??? Nope…

  2. Wonder if that gobshite paul golding is gonna ‘send all the right wing cannons’ (sic) around to Bobby Rae’s front door???


  3. Maybe if they issue an arrest warrant over this Farage could go join his mate Assange in his embassy hideyhole.

  4. IT just is not possible to be a bigger clown than Boris. He has insulted the whole Russian nation by comparing their newly re-elected leader with Hitler. 20M Russians died fighting and winning WW2. Without them the Outcome could very different. Boris should apologise and resign at once

  5. Chris Okula says:

    Farage is always a star in the “fruitcake or loony” serial. The only reason that I listen to him is his English pronunciation. But his talking can be described as an oxymoron, i.e., a gibberish in plain English.

  6. sadly this total nonentity would, just like hatie Katie relish the publicity, and give him more air time to play the victim. The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth will soon come and destroy this vile man

  7. Stuart Brown says:

    He’s not the only one. I also reported him for being in violation of applicable environmental laws. I used to work for Thames Water in the days before privatisation and when the former UK Control of Pollution Act (pre-EU directives) was still in force. We put decades of effort into cleaning up the Thames Tideway so that migratory salmon could return. Farage is an affront to all those years of effort and investment.

  8. Nigel Farage is a terrible self publicist along with many others in the brexit camp , they require public attention 24 hours a day if possible . Why not apply the law of the land to this individual for polluting a water way. A member of the general public would have received an on the spot fine for flicking a sweet wrapper into the Thames if spotted , let alone filmed on national TV. Give him his day in court , that would be real justice.

  9. What a stupid idiot.
    Throwing away food?
    So many homeless in London, & he decides to chuck fish away?
    Not to mention the entire sea fish stock at an all time low.
    Stupid man.

  10. Unfortunately you are too stupid to know that the tidal river Thames authority is not Westminster council, you have no idea if this breaches the relevant bylaws either, but enjoy making fools of yourselves.

  11. Steve Plater says:

    I see at least three persons involved in the dumping. I’m not a lawyer, but believe that makes it an offence of conspiracy. Maximum sentence on summary conviction = life.

  12. You idiots, they had to throw them away under EU law, and it was not Nigel’s idea, he was asked to help our fishing industry protest at being betrayed yet again.

  13. The EU law requiring dead fish to be thrown back in the water no longer exists. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s fish fight campaign successfully resulted in a change in the law, giving us the discard ban. So, Paul, calling people idiots and saying it’s because of EU law that Fartage threw the fish in is a bit daft.

  14. Blame for the decline of small fishing businesses on British coastal waters, is largely due to the way UK government allocates the quota . Around 90% of the quota is given to large scale companies , leaving less than 10% of the quota to the smaller vessels and crew`s that make up the majority of manpower. Stop blaming the EU when it`s caused mostly by the UK parliaments bias towards big business on this issue.

  15. Rumour has it that there was a complete misunderstanding resulting in the wrong carcase being dumped in the Thames!

  16. Heheheh
    Hoist by their own petards perhaps.
    They won’t mind..can afford the fines & even if couldn’t thousands would pay it for them.

    They live by the maxim:
    ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’ after all

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