Jacob Rees-Mogg has admitted that he made a false claim about Jeremy Corbyn on national TV last night.

The Tory toff alleged on Channel 4 News that the Labour leader had voted against the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland.

He added that he was “unaware of any Brexiteer who’s in favour of abandoning the Good Friday Agreement”:

Both of those claims are false. In fact, Mr Corbyn closed the Commons debate on the 1998 peace deal with these words:

“I hope that the House will agree to the Third Reading of the Bill. We look forward to peace, hope and reconciliation in Ireland in the future.”

The latest in what the BBC’s Andrew Neil described as a campaign of “outright lies and disinformation” against Mr Corbyn by the Tories was quickly rebutted on social media by the likes of shadow education secretary Angela Rayner: 

And this morning Rees-Mogg was forced to set the record straight himself:

He should though now follow in the footsteps of Ben Bradley and apologise to the Labour leader.

Rees-Mogg’s assertion that no Brexiteer is calling the Good Friday Agreement into question is also untrue.

Brexiteer Tory Desmond Swayne was one of just 8 MPs who voted against its introduction in Parliament.

And another, Owen Paterson, was widely criticised recently after sharing an article that said the Good Friday Agreement had “run its course”.

Seems that expensive education was wasted on make-it-up Moggers…

MORE: Ben Bradley’s apology has now been shared more times than any Donald Trump tweet this month

  1. Channel 4 News were quick to correct the record. They closed last night’s programme saying that Rees-Mogg’s statement on Corbyn was wrong.

  2. Lesley Boyce says:

    He sounds very contrite doesn’t he (smirk!) It was a deliberate act aimed at those who spread soundbites. He must be made to pay! If not, it will be repeated by others.

  3. Good for channel 4, however, Rees-Mogg made the comment and even though he has tweeted that he made a mistake, he has not apologised. As another proven Tory liar Ben Bradley, he needs to say sorry to Corbyn. When will the CONservatives learn that their lies will be noticed and fact checked?

  4. Pat pendlebury says:

    Politicians who lie for political gain should be exiled from parliament the electorate deserve better

  5. Pat pendlebury says:

    Politicians who lie for political gain should not be allowed to represent the electorate in Parliament voters deserve better

  6. gerald platts says:

    Jc should make him pay double what ben bradley paid then each one after double again only way to shut them up might think twice bout opening their mouths if they have to pay

  7. Tony Coleman: As someone who knows about politics here in Ireland let me state clearly without JC there would be no peace process that lead to the GFA.

  8. Mogg has muttered on Twitter that his statement was wrong. So that has gone out to a very tiny audience whereas his barefaced lie on Channel 4 was broadcast to the whole country on national TV.
    Of course he would be fully aware of this fact when he slandered Corbyn.

  9. Rees Mogg is what he is a self delusional Tory liar and should be made to make an apology to Mr Corbyn live and on national television

  10. Michael Green says:

    Lying wins votes, votes represent the “will of the people” and we must respect the “will of the people”.

  11. Reese Mogg needs to apologize publicly in all the right wing papers, also on the channel 4 news programs. They may have corrected the lie but did nothing at the time it was made to correct him.

  12. I think as has been said on here it is an utter lie not a mistake, same as the spying was a lie not a mistake, but as it followed the spying lie and was aired on TV as a way to undermine the leader of the opposition, he has not apologized to him for this and there is no remorse for doing it I think he should be sacked as you or I would for gross misconduct if we lied like that at work it’s time for a change this type of action from are government should never be accepted and they should punish him, so again bye bye mogg.

  13. Lawrence Smyth says:

    By his affected and polished manner, in tandem with his outward appearance, in regard to Parlimentary business and television interviews, Jacob Rees Mogg evidently likes to flatter himself, as representing both the image and epitome of a true Aristocratic English Gentleman.
    His lies however, in respect of speaking untruthfully about Jeremy Corbyn, clearly demonstrate that under this facade lies a Tory scoundrel, who otherwise ewchooses to hide under a cloak of respectibility.

  14. Catherine Macmillan says:

    Jacob Rees-Mogg is a public menace. One of these days he will choke on his plumb. I was in the same class as an aunt of his; before the ‘Rees’ crept into the family name and Sir William Rees Mogg was simply Bill Mogg, youngish journalist.

  15. Jak1 and Michael Green I think the ‘will of the people’ who have left comments here, is that they don’t like elected representatives lying to them, regardless of which party they belong to. It is slander to knowingly spread verbal lies about anyone, most of us are disgusted that politicians do this!

  16. Now corbyn should take him to court…like he should the last tory liar…payouts dont hurt them

  17. The minister for funny walks and arch brexiteer wont apologise of his own accord, due to his coveting of his leaders position. Of course, if its brought up in the house of commons or he’s ordered to by the chief whip….look forward to a grovelling apology and retraction…as it was uttered outside the commons – i expect we wont hear much from Mr Rees-Mogg on the subject

  18. He’s a pathetic, lying Tory shit! Where’s the recently published Tory document regarding ‘improper’ conduct now? He should resign, along with his lying colleagues, BoJo and Bradfield! I also notice that failed PM Duncan Smith had been banging on about ‘democracy’ again! Funny how democracy when the Brexit Secretary firstly refuses to publish the ‘impact’ reports on Brexit, then when pushed admits they don’t exist! No ‘democratic’ issues here?

  19. A large-print apology in the Dail Mail, Telegraph, etc should be required after lies (or slanderous errors) of this kind. That would a start. The wording of the apology would have to be approved by the offended party and, of course, the offending party would cover costs.

  20. He says that he does not know of any Brexiteer who is against the Good Friday agreement. However what he and the other Brexiteers want is incompatible with the Good Friday Agreement. This means he either does not understand the situation or he is dissembling again.

  21. Interestingly, there was only one political group that actually DID oppose the Good Friday Agreement. And they currently prop Rees-Moggs party up in government.

  22. John Hodkinson says:

    The Tories are well aware that the damage is done to their opponents as soon as the words are uttered and that, regardless of their later apologies, their original, false, accusations will linger in the weak minds of their supporters

  23. Mogg likes to think himself as the epitome of a true Aristocratic English Gentleman.
    He is trade.

  24. I don’t see any apology here. Rees Mogg likes to act like an aristocrat, perhaps instead he should try to be a gentleman and a) speak truthfully and b) apologise quickly for any error. But instead he has a sense of over entitlement typical of this type of Tory.

  25. David J Beck says:

    What a tirade by a load of people who’s analysis is confined to abuse. The use of the word toff shows what this verbal vomit is in reality. It is the kind of class predjudice that they would complain about if it was going in the other direction. All of a sudden we have all these infallible people who never make a mistake. Socialism is the process by which their ruling class have held more than half the world’s population in poverty for my lifetime. Business can only make money by people having money to spend, that money is given to them by business. You can only get the best people by paying the rate, you can only sell your product by charging the lowest prices.

  26. Let’s take comfort from the fact that these bastards and their paymasters are terrified. More is to come as more panicky billionaires fund more elaborate smear campaigns. It’s up to us little people to once and for all stand firm against it

  27. +David J Beck is a total idiot….Sounds like a Zionist to me. He is the one who’s tirade is total nonsense. Rees Mogg is another lier who does not have the decency to admit that he lied.

  28. If we end up with a hard border in Northern Ireland we will need a Minister who can explain to the factions in NI how this came about. I vote for Rees Mogg for this role!

  29. David J Beck says:

    Irene Murray – you have just made my point for me. Firstly you haven’t given detail of where I am wrong , just abuse. You can’t even be bothered or able to get your spelling right ( liar.) and yet I am the idiot???? Also RM has admitted he made a mistake, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for you to.

  30. Barry Worthington says:

    I’m not impressed with your rant about class predudice.
    Maybe the lady is not too good at spelling but I’m sure she doesn’t need ridiculing for it! This is the kind of arrogance people expect from right wing Tories. I’m also sure everybody knows what she meant though.
    Mr Corbyn should treat this deliberate falsehood the same way he did the last one and instruct his legal team to issue papers to Mogg citing libel.

  31. Anne-Marie McBlain says:

    If Jacob Reece-Mogg is the devout Catholic he claims to be he should know that lying is s sin!

  32. @Philip Milton What is wrong with a united Ireland, English have had to hand back most countries that they have interfered with!

  33. David J Beck, You are not so perfect… You state “All of a sudden we have all these infallible people” who never make a mistake. definition of infallible is “incapable of making mistakes or being wrong.
    You state “Business can only make money by people having money to spend, that money is given to them by business” That money is earned by people for working for a business.
    “you can only sell your product by charging the lowest prices” and that has to be the most nonsensical sentence you have written.

  34. He is a religious fanatic (look what he says about gays and abortion), now shown up for his mendacity.

  35. Rich Xbox Allen says:

    This guy is clearly a complete Pillock, what gets me though is people who actively vote Tory despite their constant lies about everything.

  36. Does anyone else remember his kind soft aunt Anne Rees Mogg teaching a Chelsea. She bought a huge painting of mine and represented very civilised and aware side to the family. Brother was the Times guy.

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