Housing Hypocrite: Sajid Javid fought plans for 4200 homes in own backyard

Housing Secretary Sajid Javid has spent this morning blaming NIMBY councils for the housing crisis on GMB and LBC. Turns out however that he’s been the biggest NIMBY in his constituency Bromsgrove for years…

Javid has been pushing his housing revolution for some months now. In January, he told the Times:

“We’ve got a housing crisis. We’ve got no time for anyone who is just anti-development for the sake of it. We need to change our attitude. If you are nimby, the government is not going to be your friend. We are on the side of people who want more homes.

In particular, Javid told the The Sunday Times that it was obstructive NIMBY councils that are to blame for housing shortages:

“The new rules will no longer allow ‘nimby’ councils that don’t really want to build the homes that their local community needs to fudge the numbers…We are going to be breathing down your neck day and night to make sure you are actually delivering on those numbers.

Unfortunately folks, it seems Javid has been a little disingenuous. In fact, Javid has consistently fought for the NIMBYs in his local constituency:

1) Just months before his re-election in 2015, Javid slammed plans from his local Tory Council, Redditch Borough, to build 2,800 new homes. He said:

“…..I wish to re-emphasise my concern that land within Redditch Borough is fully utilised before any consideration is given to expanding the area’s housing need into Bromsgrove Green Belt as a neighbouring district.”

Ah, the green belt, of course. Javid is a man of principle, let us not forget.

2) In June 2016, Javid slammed his local council’s plans to build 1,300 houses in Perryfields:

“While I understand this land was designated for housing, there is significant concern about the implications such a large-scale development would have on local infrastructure, facilities and environment.”

Aaaah, it all makes sense now: Javid cares about providing sustainable housing. Makes perfect sense:

3) In 2012, Javid backed another campaign against plans to build 175 homes in the Worcestershire village of Hagley. At the time, he said:

“People aren’t against it just for the sake of being against the development, it’s can the local infrastructure cope?”

Hmm, a theme seems to be emerging. Surely Javid was again rallying to defend the green belt, no? Well, no. The council head of planning Ruth Bamford responded to Javid’s NIMBYism by pointing out: “If it didn’t go here it would most likely go on greenbelt because there isn’t much land around Bromsgrove district that can take new housing.”

Slippery Javid just keeps on passing the buck #NIMBYpamby