The Sun today saw its four-decade-long reign as Britain’s largest newspaper come to an end… and what a shame that is.

A newspaper other than The Sun has the largest print circulation in the UK for the first time in nearly forty years.

The Metro is now the UK’s biggest newspaper by print circulation, distributing 1.47m copies in February against The Sun‘s 1.46m, according to figures released today by the Press Gazette.

And circulation of The Sun has declined by nearly 8 per in the past year, nudging the UK’s most notorious tabloid into the second spot.

The red top became Britain’s most read newspaper around 1980, overtaking The Mirror, and has held the spot since, peaking at about 3.9m readers in the late 1990s and declining since.

The figures were bad news for newspapers generally today though, with a decline in circulation almost across the board and with some publications seeing double digit drops.

And it seems not everyone’s rushing online for their fill of reactionary commentary – the Mail Online saw a 13 per cent drop in its readership this year (but still remains by far the most read news website in the UK).

Some good news in an otherwise bleak picture of newspaper decline…

  1. Except that metro is owned by the mail, isn’t it?

    And even if it wasn’t – it’s still a shite, dumbed-down, ‘sleb’ rag. Wouldn’t even wipe me arse with any of them; least of all that tripe.

  2. Only the eternal baby boomers buy newspapers, I only hope I can out live the boomers and see the end of tabloid Rothermere/Murdoch crap…..

  3. A noisy expulsion of foul smelling gas,unacceptable in nice company. In local parlance where I live this is called a trump.

  4. justa worker says:

    Who gaveTed Heath permission to sign us into the e.u There was no referendum before he signed us in. It certainly was carried out without all the restriction being put in the way of getting out.I used to believe in democracy,but now it seems our mps do not.THE PEOPLE HAVE VOTED

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