Farage has been sabre-rattling today for Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán, a man accused this week by the UN Human Rights Commissioner of “unabashed” anti-miscegenation,“a clear-cut statement of racism.”

Farage shared his obsequious speech to the European Parliament on Twitter:

Of course, Orbán hasn’t really been hitting the headlines for his quota quibbling.

No: what has really caught everyone’s eyes is that he recently called for the resignation of the UN High Commissioner, Mr Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, last week for calling him a “racist.” Mr Al Hussein replied today:

“So yes, I did call Viktor Orbán a racist and xenophobe. […] And no, I will not resign.”

Al Hussein referred to a recent city council summit, where Orbán said: “we do not want our colour…to be mixed in with others.”  

Moreover, in his State of the Nation Address back in February, Orbán referred to racial inferiority again when he claimed Nils Muižnieks, the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights had:

“recently let slip that some years ago they secretly launched a programme to breed a Soros-like human race, or, as they modestly put it – if I can pronounce the term – Homo sorosensus…From the viewpoint of the Soros types, we indigenous people who have our own countries, our own culture and our own religion – things for which we will fight tooth and nail – are individuals beyond redemption.”

Great mates there, Nige. 

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