In our era of populism, politicians around the world compete to be the true voice of the people. And what better way to judge their success – on their own terms – than on their Twitter followers. But how many of these followers are actually real? Twitter have released a handy tool to check just this… let’s take a look shall we.

1. Nigel Farage

As of 3 months ago, 42% of Farage’s 1 million followers were fake accounts:

2. Alex Salmond

The majority of ex-SNP leader (and now Russia Today pundit) Alex Salmond’s followers are fake, with only 48% real as of 4 months ago.

3. Nicola Sturgeon

Current SNP leader and FM of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, doesn’t fare too well either, with only 64% of her followers real as of 9 months ago.

4. Marine Le Pen

Sacre bleu! As of 7 months ago, French Front National Leader Marine Le Pen only had 41% real followers.

5. Sebastian Kurz

Far-right Austrian PM Sebastian Kurz breaks an even real/fake split.

6. Vladimir Putin

Who would have guessed it…

7. Beppe Grillo

Founder of Italy’s anti-establishment Five Star movement can’t muster as much grassroots support as you might think.

8 Narenda Modi

The nationalist prime minister of India has a staggering 41m followers… but well over half of them are fake.

9. Donald Trump

And finally, the leader of the free world himself… although that percentage looks fairly decent, he still has over 12m fake followers.

Talk about fake news…

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