Good news this morning: the Tories were wiped out in five separate council by-elections, with two safe Tory wards going to Labour!

Cate Woodward won a seat for Labour from the Tories in Wollaton West with a majority of 243 votes.

Labour also made huge gains in the Tory Kentish heartlands of Rochester West.

More Tory May-hem!

  1. Jean Christina Rush says:

    YAY YAY YAY First They Ignore, Then They Laugh, Then You WIN! ( Mahatms Ghandi )

  2. And so it begins,,,,,,she’s the victim of her own demise
    Hate is a strong word but by god I HATE this hard two faced lying b;tch
    Justice will prevail
    Jeremy will reign triumphant

  3. Sonya Scott, I can’t even look at her face and when she talks she pulls her mouth in a strange way and when she does talk she can give a 20 minute speech and yet say nothing!!

  4. Derek Brundish says:

    Lab +1, Lib +1, Others+3. Who are others, please? The message appears to be ‘We don’t like any of the established parties’

  5. Well the whole parliament is falling to bits squabbles between the own members we need a socialist party to take over and I would not say labour is that far to the left if and when there is an election everyone needs to use their vote not sit at home doing nothing

  6. OTH did really well. Never heard of this party. Do they oppose Brexit? If LAB would only oppose Brexit they could have won all five..

  7. You can fool some of the people all of the time. And all of the people some of the time . But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time .

  8. Dont forget these two from yesterday.. .

    Christine Robinson and Isobel Sharkey have been elected onto the Telscombe Town Council.

    This is the first time Labour have ever been represented on the Town

    East Saltdean Ward
    Labour: 55% (+20.8+)
    Conservatives 45% (-4,4%)
    UKIP: Didn’t stand (-16.4%)
    Labour GAIN

    Telscombe Cliffs Wards
    Labour: 46.8% (+16%)
    Conservative: 46.5% (-4.6%)
    UKIP: 6.7% (-11.3%)
    Labour GAIN (a margin of two votes)

  9. Rosalie Walker says:

    Even Tory local governments have had enough cuts.It’s a disgrace!Bristol do their best to provide affordable housing under impossible conditions and that’s because it’s Labour with some very good Cllrs

  10. David Aaronson says:

    Don’t crow to soon, these are Council elections, people vote differently in a General Election.

    We have got to start appealing to those voters who would never consider Labour as an option

  11. Great to see tory loss and little labour gain. People are voting for pro remain and against Brexit parties. A change to the mad path we are on is coming.

  12. I am surprised at all she is a loser she loves the following Nonces all the perverts running around lose killing people making people homeless fucked up the NHS her and her cronies have done a dangerous job they should go now and all the cronies

  13. Only worry that labour councils will get blamed for Conservative government spending cuts to their budgets

  14. Sylvie Burnett says:

    Hope all my fellow Europeans vote Green or Libdem in the forthcoming local elections. Corbyn showed his true face yesterday in Scotland blaming immigrants for low wages.

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