Expenses claims made by the Tory Transport Secretary make interesting reading.

Scrapbook has analysed all the expenses claims made for travel by Chris Grayling since 2010, which are publicly available on the IPSA website.

They suggest he’s a bit of petrolhead.

We found he made 233 expenses claims worth £1,529.50 for car journeys. By contrast, he’s made just 11 expenses claims for rail travel to the value of just £94,30.

Grayling didn’t register a single claim for a journey on public transport between January 2014 and January 2018.

Over the same period, he claimed £610.65 for 96 journeys by car.

The last time Grayling registered a journey on public transport was November 2013 – a return ticket between his constituency and Westminster.

By contrast, claims made by Labour’s shadow Transport Secretary, Andy McDonald, show he travels between Parliament and his constituency using a rail season ticket. He hasn’t claimed for a car journey since 2015.

No less than 12 members of the Tory Cabinet have claimed more in expenses for journeys made on public transport in the past year alone than Grayling has since 2010.

Either Grayling has decided to stick his hand in his pocket for train fares or we’ve got a Transport Secretary who doesn’t like using the rail network he’s responsible for.

  1. Greedy Tories and their sense of entitlement. Grayling, using the magic money tree spent £610.65p for 96 journeys by car. Did he also have a chauffeur as well?

  2. I expect nothing less from the torys and thanks to social media we have Corbyns popularity increasing and the torys rapidly dwindling. Torys will do the same as ukip and disappear without a trace

  3. No wonder public transport has so many problems. If politicians don’t use it they will not know or understand the issues. All politicians should be made to use the public transport services the rest of us do.

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