The van that Darren Osborne drove into a crowd of people outside a Mosque in London last year contained a note which branded Jeremy Corbyn a “terrorist sympathiser.”

And when asked in court last month if he planned to kill the Labour leader, Osborne said: “Oh yeah, it would be one less terrorist [on] our streets. And if Sadiq Khan [the London mayor] had been there it would have been even better. It would have been like winning the lottery.”

It’s clear where Osborne got the idea from. The Tories have been desperately trying to paint Corbyn as some sort of enemy within since as far back as 2015.

David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson are all guilty of it.

So in a way it was no surprise to see Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson to do it yesterday in response to the Sun’s spy smear. He said:

“Jeremy Corbyn has never had Britain’s interests at heart. Time and time again he has sided with those who want to destroy everything that is great about this country, whether it is sympathising with terrorists, backing rogue regimes, or cosying up to those who want to inflict pain and misery on the British people.”

The difference is this time is that his comments come shortly after we learned of Darren Osborne’s fantasy to kill Corbyn based on that Tory attack line.

As Corbyn’s spokesman said:

“Gavin Williamson should focus on his job and not give credence to entirely false and ridiculous smears, which as we know from Darren Osborne, can have a potentially deadly effect.”

How irresponsible can you get? 

MORE: Williamson accused Corbyn of “cosying up” to Britain’s enemies – days after it was revealed he’ll dine with wife of Putin protégé

  1. This just goes to show what a nasty shower the Tories are when they promote a vicious little bastard like Williamson.

  2. Louise Callaghan says:

    More irresponsible lying, they just can’t stop themselves, lying with ridiculous smears, lying about policies, lying about spending, it shows complete desperation.

  3. If they want to look at terrorist sympatheriser look no further than Thier own party selling arms to Arabs who then sell them to Isis support Israel and have given dup billion pounds they used to have links to terrorist

  4. That’s what they do, the question is, how to counter it! We all know it’s unfair and wrong, but it will still carry on as it ‘works’. There has to be a better strategy for defeating.

  5. Oh dear oh dear, it all just reeks of desperation on the part of the Tories.
    If they had ha’porth of wit they wouldn’t display their lack of confidence, truly pathetic to watch. That they’re reduced to fielding this imbecile too, what have they become ?

  6. I believe that the main reasons of all these personal and subjective waves of attacks on Jeremy Corbyn is the strong, contenous and persistence success and popularity of that Political Leader. The irony is the more and the stronger ungustified attacks do backfire on the lack of visions, polices, solutions or successful management of the Tory Government.

  7. A vile little man trying to find a role in his vile little party as some kind of new Norman Tebbitt.
    What makes him particularly odious is to say things like this in a climate that is more toxic then I have ever seen in this country.
    These kind of people should not be in politics

  8. So has he signed the Tory pledge about no violence and aggression to elected representatives of the people? Some pledge. This shower have two deaths on their conscience-if the had a conscience of course

  9. Your way out of date people slagged Corbyn off for being friends with the IRA way back in the 80’s its either him or the Tory wannabe Blairite the lesser of two evils.

  10. Lesley Ann Warne says:

    Nothing the Tories say or do surprises me any more. It’s up to us normal law abiding people of this country whether we believe them or turn our backs on them. Personally I would never trust a Tory again after the pathetic and unjust ruling of this country for the past few years. They don’t need to speak because their actions speak louder than any words they say which has been proved time and time.

  11. Darren Wiiiamson really is it not time the Tory party stopped these school yard attacks toward JC and the Labour Party This is like spoiled school boy talk. Can’t find anything good to say about your Tory Party, so let’s be really childish and attack our opponents with school boy tactics. Because the Tories are not backing the Great British hard working people. You shout the loudest with your policies,about Great Britains ruin.

  12. The party who everyone knows as the biggest liars to ever run this country terrified that an honest man actually walks the halls of Westminster. .

  13. Jakki Oldfield says:

    Every time this sort of rubbish is vomited out, some more people
    will believe it. It is this drip, drip drip of nasty slurs and false accusations that the Tories are so good at and laughably they claim the moral high-ground. The Tory press will make much of this and yet more poor deluded fools will fall for it. Time this sort of nastiness was stopped – oh wait, didn’t Mayhem actually say she was going to do just that recently??? Ho hum.

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