When spin goes wrong: Uni bosses make schoolboy error in press briefing on pension strike

The lobbying group for uni bosses has made a rather glaring mistake in its latest press release on the pensions dispute with lecturers.

Universities UK (UUK), led by £363,000-a-year Janet Beer (pictured above), is trying to force through pension cuts which would see a typical lecturer almost £10,000-a-year worse off in retirement.

Lecturers began strike action yesterday in a bid to bring their fat cat bosses to the negotiating table.

With a majority of students, high profile politicians and even 17 vice-chancellors backing the action, UUK tried a change of tack today.

The press release they issued this morning was notably more conciliatory.

It informed journalists that Beer and UUK chief executive Alistair Jarvis had written an open letter saying they: “Entirely understand the concerns of university staff.”

Here’s a screen grab of the press release with the relevant passage highlighted:

The problem is that the line briefed out to the media is not actually in the letter sent to lecturers. Nowhere. Not even something resembling it.

UUK is selling one message to the press and another to the people whose lives will be affected by their pension cuts.

Have their own press officers gone on strike too?

Uni bosses should stop trying their hand at political spin and actually listen to the concerns of their staff…

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