A Tory MP has lifted the lid on the chaos unleashed in his party by Theresa May’s weakness.

Former minister Ed Vaizey confirmed suspicions that the PM’s failure to stand-up to hard Brexiteers in her party has left her without authority and created a power vacuum.

Following the leaked letter from 60 Tory MPs demanding a hard Brexit, May has again gathered Cabinet ministers at Chequers today to try and find a unified position.

But Vaizey told Channel 5’s Wright Stuff: “Discipline has completely broken down in the parliamentary party. Nobody tells anyone off because there’s no power anywhere.”

The admission comes after Vaizey was asked whether he was disciplined for comments he made about Brexit on the same programme yesterday.

He made a mocking impression of ministers who claim Brexit will boost Britain’s trade, calling the Government’s position “complete nonsense”:

The insight into anarchy raging behind the scenes in the Tory party is not only embarrassing for May, but her new chief whip Julian Smith.

Clearly his predecessor’s pet tarantula really was the only thing standing between the Tories and all out civil war…

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  1. I can see them splitting up as they did in 1846 (and were out of power till 1874) and in 1904 ( when they were out till 1922.) Good riddance if they do.

  2. Linda and Ken Daniels says:

    Please let them be ousted for as long as is possible & people will never forget what Greed & Corruption and Stupidity do to a country , We must all come together she has let us down all of us , Shame on her and the Torys Shame !

  3. Funny everybody should say that!
    Taken the words right out of me mouth.
    Power to the patriots and down with coruption and greed.

  4. People forget May was shuffled in as Prime Minister without any credibility behind her and without anyone voting her in outside of the Conservatives. They selected her because she was incompetent and they wanted someone who they could use to manipulate. Remember she didn’t want Brexit prior to being made Prime Minister. Tories are all about manipulation, blackmail and bribes. that is why they continuously reveal scandals when people step out of line. One can only wonder what they actually have on May to keep her towing the line.

  5. Well I’m not surprised weak and wobbly, no majority and spineless and that’s what is in goverment a shambles.

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