Donald Trump launched an attack on the NHS just minutes after Nigel Farage talked down our national treasure on US TV.

Fox News interviewed Farage about the demonstration staged in London on Saturday to demand proper funding from the Tories.

He told Trump’s favourite TV network that the NHS had been popular in its first 50 years, adding: “Surprisingly, for a state-run thing.”

But he said the NHS was now at “breaking point” because of…you guessed it, immigration.

Here’s a clip from the interview, in which Farage warns Americans off adopting our universal health system:

Farage concluded by saying:

“Over time, I think what you may well see are the richer elements of society opting out for private health care because the waiting times have become that long. Let’s be in no doubt, we’ve got a big problem with our NHS.”

Shortly afterwards, Trump tweeted:

Farage talking down the NHS was providing cover for Trump’s bid to strip 24 million more people of their health insurance.

He is the definition of a useful idiot…

  1. Roger Casement says:

    Did Fromage receive NHS help in the air accident which (unfortunately) ‘didn’t ‘ kill him.Racist frog faced little cunt…

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