John Prescott was egged on by the Question Time audience as he landed two – strictly political – jabs on the Tory chairman last night.

The Labour heavyweight put Brandon Lewis on the ropes over the unsubstantiated spy claims made against Jeremy Corbyn by Tory MPs.

Prescott pointed out that Lewis had promised a new “respect pledge” for Tory candidates when he became party chairman last month.

It stipulated that Tory parliamentary candidates would have to “behave responsibly and show respect” to opponents.

Yet last week Tory vice chairman Ben Bradley claimed Corbyn had “sold British secrets to communists” in a tweet he deleted after being threatened with libel action.

Labour’s former deputy PM said it was the “dirtiest slur” he’d seen in 50 years and said Lewis must sack Bradley if his respect pledge is to mean anything:

Lewis claimed in response that there was a big difference between a “proper and robust debate” and “personal abuse.”

But Prescott hit back with a knockout blow, saying: “This isn’t about spies, it’s about lies.”

Prezza still packs a punch…

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  1. “Labour’s former deputy PM said it was the “dirtiest slur” he’d seen in 50 years”

    What about the false paedophile claims by Watson…
    What about Cameron using his disabled son politically….

    I can think of many things id class as dirtier…

  2. I can’t think of anything dirtier than calling the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition a “traitor.” Not a topic for whataboutery.

  3. Never in all my life and I’m 73 have I heard such dredfull underhanded dirt thrown up by a government who have taken so much off the working classes and using the power of the press to alow them to spread such dirt for power and for selling off anything that moves for personal gain ?? And it saddens me to see that they still have supporters who cannot see through such vile from this lot ?? People in a Tory strong hold shaking there heads when Prescott was defending Corbyn they can see the truth but do not want to be!ieve it ?? What a sad country we have become and what for !! Yes GREED

  4. Bradley should have been sued for every penny he has. An example has to be made of these totally malicious Tory nasties who, through their friends in the right-wing press, spread deliberate lies. His donation to charity is welcome, but it is unlikely to be reported in the equally malicious right-wing press.

    If the Tory nasty Bradley wishes to publicise British traitors he should study closely the case of Lieutenant David Bingham RN, a Tory Party member serving in HMS Rothesay who, in 1971, sold naval secrets to the Soviet Union; or perhaps Burgess, Maclean, Philby, all pillars of the Establishment, and of course that pillar of the Tory/Windsor Establishment, Anthony Blunt – all of whom betrayed their country.

  5. William Donald Williams says:

    I have said these smears thrown at Corbyn were malicious comments
    They also jeopardise his life anyone that reads these papers and listen to these conservatives. That believes they lies are
    Open to attack or maim the man himself.
    Yet I have not seen any such smears or dirty politics within labour .
    You will get reaction from the social media
    Inews defence only
    Surely the tory supporters are seeing this though still support
    These ministers are not honourable people
    And not even fit to govern this country .

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