“We appreciate the sensitivity of the issue of totally” Boris Johnson said this morning when asked about concerns over the consequences of a hard Brexit on the Irish border. 

But the Foreign Secretary offered the reassurance just moments after proving he doesn’t understand the issue by doubling down on his widely mocked comparison between the Irish border and the border between two London boroughs.

Asked about the comments by Sky News, he replied by barking questions back:

I don’t know whether you’ve ever driven into the congestion charge zone from outside the congestion charge zone?

“Have you? Do you slow down? Do you feel any let or hindrance? Do you check your progress? Do you break? Do you?”

Throwing his hands up in the air to demonstrate his point, Johnson added:

“We mustn’t allow this great sort of inverted pyramid of objections to be built over this fundamental problem which I think is eminently solvable.” 

Watch the Tory clown’s latest performance from two minutes onwards:

Sky News Dublin correspondent, Darren McCaffrey, called his comments an “insult”:

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