Boris Johnson has been for his second run of the day after being asked about the Irish border and Brexit.

The Foreign Secretary returned from a jog this morning to find reporters waiting outside his home to quiz him about the controversy he’s caused.

And this afternoon he legged it out of the Commons chamber to avoid answering an urgent question on the issue from Labour’s Emily Thornberry.

Opposition MPs shouted “coward” and “frit” as he made a dash for the exit moments before the question was called and Thornberry said he had “run away”.

You can watch the extraordinary scenes for yourself below:

Afterwards, Thornberry said:

“I have to say it is an absolute disgrace and a huge discourtesy to this House that the Foreign Secretary is not here.”

Labour’s Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Smith tweeted:

Let’s hope Boris has plenty more free time to pursue his passion for running very soon…

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  1. JBigglesworth says:

    So, Johnson uses the experience he gained with the Bullingdon Club to good effect in Parliament.

    Only this time, it’s not a restaurant he’s walked away from after trashing it, it’s the Good Friday Agreement.

    And this man is supposed to be our nation’s representative to the rest of the world.

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