Anna Soubry sported the colours of the Suffragettes as she took on the Victorian-era views of her party’s member of the 19th century this morning.

The outspoken former minister continued her public campaign to halt the rise of fellow Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg in an interview with ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Rees-Mogg was last night installed as the bookies’ favourite to become the next PM after a poll published last week showed he was favourite to become Tory leader.

But, speaking on the 100 year anniversary of the women’s suffrage, Soubry said she would find it impossible to stay in a party led by Rees-Mogg because of his views on women’s rights:

Scrapbook reported in September how Rees-Mogg told the same programme that he’s opposed to abortion – even when women have been raped by a family member.

He’s also proudly admitted to not being a “modern man”. He boasted of never having changed a nappy, saying: “The nanny does it brilliantly.”

It came hours after Newsnight broadcast an interview with Soubry in which she said Rees-Mogg and other hard Brexiteers should be “slung out” of the Tory party:

No doubt Soubry can expect plenty of abuse from the ‘bad boys of Brexit’…

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  1. Not sure the Brexiteers ‘did for Cameron’ …the choice was his ..but well said on taking a stand against a group of nasty posh twits.

  2. Bollocks to Sourby (sic) and bollocks to that other gobshite sat next to her (phillips).

    Oh, and bollocks to rees-mogg as well.

  3. “My front bench probably isn’t [ideological]”. Yes it bloody is, we have nothing but seven years of ideologically driven austerity from the Tories.

    But if you mean Ideological in reference to Brexit, then again your wrong, because Labour are certainly no more ideological about it than the conservatives.

  4. Pragmatism and realism is despairingly absent from UK politics today. If only the centre left and right MP ‘s could get their act together and form a new party that actually puts the country first. Let’s have a party that doesn’t sacrifice people’s jobs and welfare on the altar of ideology. I know it is unlikely but I can only dream.

  5. Third Wayism/centrism is an ideology itself. All politics is ideological. The current Labour leadership is clearly committed to protecting people’s jobs and welfare against Tory ideology far more than any wishy-washy Blairist centre-formation would be. Want to stop the Tory attack on working-people? Backing Corbyn’s Labour is the most practical and effective way to do it. The sooner centrists get out of dreamland, the better.

    Any new centrist formation will be used as a weapon to protect austerity against the Labour Party. Just as the Lib-Dems were in coalition.

  6. I do take your point Dan. But please tell me how Labour will stop austerity when the economy is all but ruined when Brexit happens. JC’s is not opposing Brexit. He has always voted against EU treaties and his cake and eat it approach mirrors the present Tory stance. The left think the EU is capitalist.The right think it is socialist. Both oppose it because of ideology. 2 sides of the same coin when it comes to Brexit. I just want another coin. I accept that is probably an ideology too!

  7. Mogg supports women’s suffrage but also the rights of a foetus to life. Entirely consistent position. Soubry lumping both issues together under the broad category of women’s rights then condemning Mogg for not supporting both shows herself up to be a confused woman. Mogg will also not make abortion a policy issue. It’s his religious view.

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