The former MP who chaired the Vote Leave campaign accepted an all expenses paid trip from the Brexiteer’s new bogeyman.

Gisela Stuart registered a donation worth £1,512 from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation to cover the costs of a 2011 visit to Georgia:

It is one of a number of countries in which Soros’ foundation works to strengthen a pluralistic democratic culture.

Scrapbook points this out after the Telegraph’s front page story alleges Soros is backing a “secret plot” to overturn Brexit.

The billionaire businessman has indeed given £400,000 to the openly anti-Brexit group, Best for Britain, through his Open Society Foundation. 

But the way in which his involvement has been presented as an elitist conspiracy echoes the anti-Semitic tropes employed against Soros by Hungary’s far-right government.

Nigel Farage tweeted this morning to say he is “glad we are finally talking about the influence of George Soros.”

And he reposted a video of a recent speech he gave in the European Parliament in which he alleged Soros was part of “international political collusion” to undermine nation states.

During the speech he called for politicians to clarify whether they have “ever received funds directly or indirectly from Open Society.”

Does he think the chair of Vote Leave was a double agent? Or is he a crackpot conspiracy theorist? 

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