Having admitted yesterday that he still has “strong affections” for his racist ex-girlfriend, Henry Bolton said today that she “might get a card” on Valentine’s Day.

And the old romantic proved his love for 25-year-old model Jo Marney on LBC Radio this morning by refusing to condemn the many racist things she’s said.

Here’s a quick reminder:

  • Marney said “I wouldn’t with a negro” because black people are “ugly” in a string of racist messages about Meghan Markle.
  • Marney said Muslins are “all fucking idiots” and “the cancer of this earth.”
  • Marney described the Grenfell Tower as a “nest of illegal immigrants.” 

Bolton was asked three times by presenter Nick Ferrari to confirm that those statements were racist. Here’s how it went:

Attempt one:

“Well, I mean that’s, er, that’s, you know, er…you know, they were quite fiery, and they were private messages, you know. But anyway, I was unaware of them.

“The NEC decided to take a vote on no confidence against me. They voted unanimously against me. So now we’re going into a…”

Attempt two:

“Well, er, I mean, you know, they’re, they’re certainly, er, fiery and provocative.”

Attempt three:

“Well, er, as, er, as I’ve said before, Nick, they’re, they’re, they’re, they were taken out of context.

“The source of them has said that at least one was doctored. He was misled into releasing. I think the thing is that we’ve moved on from that. That was some time ago. And now we’ve got a situation where there is a whole lot of stuff happening of a far more serious nature.”

How sweet…

UPDATE: Shortly after this interview, Bolton didn’t see the irony in lecturing Labour on equalities:

MORE: UKIP leader’s ex-girlfriend flees controversy – using her freedom of movement 

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