Tory MP Ben Bradley is fast becoming the biggest loser on the internet. The biggest loser. 

Scrapbook revealed on Monday that Bradley’s grovelling apology to Jeremy Corbyn over his spy lie had been shared more than every tweet from the Tory party’s official account in 2018 combined.

And we pointed out that the tweet was closing in on a terrific new record.

Bradley’s apology, which he tried to slip out after 10.30pm on Saturday, had been shared 47,000 times by Monday morning.

Donald Trump’s most popular tweet in February had been shared 52,000 times:

Bradley has now smashed through that barrier, amassing almost 54,000 retweets at the time of writing. It’s out of control.

The next target has to be Trump’s most popular tweet of 2018 – his infamous ‘my buttons bigger than your button’ boast which got 191,000 retweets:

In the words of Ben Bradley: “Please retweet”

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