Tory minister refuses BBC interview about damning Brexit forecast he claimed didn’t exist

A Tory minister has gone to ground after the leak of a Brexit analysis he said didn’t exist.

Scotland Secretary David Mundell has been named and shamed for dodging scrutiny over the newly-leaked Brexit forecasts.

They showed economic growth in Scotland would take a 2.5% hit in the best case scenario and plunge by 9% in the worst.

A BBC Radio Scotland presenter has revealed Mundell refused a request for an interview about the devastating conclusions:

That’s prompted a not entirely serious manhunt to be launched:

Might Mundell’s disappearance be connected to the mess that he’s got himself into over the forecasts?

In October he said the UK Government had carried out a bespoke Brexit impact assessment for Scotland.

He contradicted himself a month later, telling MSPs that, in fact, that wasn’t the case.

When the Scottish Government published its own impact assessment in January, Mundell dismissed the conclusions as “scaremongering.”

But the UK Government’s conclusions are almost identical to estimates made by the Scottish Government.

Perhaps Remainer Mundell just can’t bring himself to mislead the public anymore…

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