A Tory minister has gone to ground after the leak of a Brexit analysis he said didn’t exist.

Scotland Secretary David Mundell has been named and shamed for dodging scrutiny over the newly-leaked Brexit forecasts.

They showed economic growth in Scotland would take a 2.5% hit in the best case scenario and plunge by 9% in the worst.

A BBC Radio Scotland presenter has revealed Mundell refused a request for an interview about the devastating conclusions:

That’s prompted a not entirely serious manhunt to be launched:

Might Mundell’s disappearance be connected to the mess that he’s got himself into over the forecasts?

In October he said the UK Government had carried out a bespoke Brexit impact assessment for Scotland.

He contradicted himself a month later, telling MSPs that, in fact, that wasn’t the case.

When the Scottish Government published its own impact assessment in January, Mundell dismissed the conclusions as “scaremongering.”

But the UK Government’s conclusions are almost identical to estimates made by the Scottish Government.

Perhaps Remainer Mundell just can’t bring himself to mislead the public anymore…

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  1. Mundell is a typical tory all for the party he would sell his granny he has told lies about these assessments and he has told so many lies now he has told that many lies he has hung himself with his own rope he cant get away with this know he has been found out for what he is he should not be in the job he is in he should resign and let somebody else do the job mid you who have the tories got who can do the job none of them are capable the rest of the Scottish tory MPs are armature politicians

  2. The whole Tory establishment rubbished the Scottish governments work on Brexit impacts, despite it being independently carried out by economists led by Prof. Anton Muscatelli, the Principal of Glasgow University. It turns out that the leaked UK government assessments are almost identical with regards to Scotland, and catastrophic with regard to English regions such as the North East.
    Tory establishment now blaming that on biased and lying civil servants. The Tory Brexiteers are really off the planet now.
    PS Mundell is a glove puppet
    PPS The deep Tory establishment are fascists. The likes of Rees Mogg will benefit greatly from a hard Brexit while most will suffer.
    PPPS The little Englander leave voters are still in complete angry denial about this. They hate everybody, foreigners , Jocks, Irish, anyone left of Ghengis Khan… Can you guys down in Englandshire not do something about these deluded arseholes?

  3. Mundell is a most devious creature, like all UKOK MPs he is only too happy to sell
    Scotland down the river. This time he is unable to wriggle out of previous that are
    well documented. His position is not now tenable, but the government will stand by his, as they much prefer Scots to do their dirty work.

    This “Union” is defunct and only time before Scotland is independent.
    However I often wonder if it would be that way had they treated Scotland more fairly.
    As it is, they only want Scotland to asset strip, plant the nuclear weapons that they do not want to out anywhere in England. There are far too many reasons to list here where they have let Scotland down.
    This attitude is becoming more rabid as their world collapses. Why any Scot would assist and condone these actions is beyond me, and I suspect the larger portion of Scots will now agree to that.

    Shame on Westminster, they are directly responsible, it did not have to be this way, they can only blame themselves.

  4. Dear all, David Mundell has not got the brains to sell Scotland down the river – he is there because he will provide the proper support to Scotland in these times of change and his support can be compared to a soggy blancmange. He is not even allowed into the room where the secret cabal cabinet meets to decide the fate of millions of real people who have no say.

  5. Independence is the only way that Scotland can have a fair and just parliament. It doesn’t matter what party is in charge, as long as they answer to the Scottish people. This lickspittal of a human being who is currently in charge answers only to Downing Street. How Mundell sleeps at night is a mystery to me. The sooner we get rid of Westminister from Scottish politics the better.

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